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In the SIGMA model, TTS will provide Travel Agents a complete & comprehensive servicing for the entire business process (end to end ) on a day to day basis covering :


  • Ticket  Re-issues,
  • Ticket Re-validation and
  • Ticket Refund


These services are comprehensive and an Agency can completely outsource these to TTS on a day to day basis on agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA’s).


An agreed compensation mechanism will be setup based on the work outsourced and TTS will invoice the client a detailed list of work carried out for payment on a monthly basis.



  1. Cost Saving – from experience, this usually results in a saving of 50% of costs incurred by the Client currently.
  2. Manpower Savings – the entire manpower is outsourced and engaged by TTS thereby resulting in 100% saving for the Client.
  3. Accuracy & Speed – TTS is only focussed on this and deploys a hybrid mix of automation and manpower to deliver greater accuracy and speed to ensure customer satisfaction.